Its our year of Jubilee

GVMC is celebrating her 7th Anniversary. It is the year of Jubilee. We give glory to God for 7years. What a wonderful 2-week celebration(see pictures here). Now that the celebration is wrapping up, we need to turn our attention to expanding our ministry through the fundraising campaign. The work of the Lord is not over and we must all be partakers. Let us RISE UP & Build for the Lord.
Enjoy a short video of the story behind 7 years of GVMC

Welcome to Vainqueurs Ministry Church

La Génération des Vainqueurs Ministry Church(GVMC) is an energetic, Bible-based and Spirit-filled church located in Richardson, Texas. We are a prophetic ministry led by Apostle Guy Joseph Tanoh. GVMC has church locations in Omaha NE, Austin TX and several prayer cells across the world.

Join us in worship to experience a unique prophetic atmosphere of anointing, healing and deliverance. You will be glad you did !!!

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